Pet Orthopedic

Here at Angeles Clinic For Animals, we work very closely with a traveling surgeon that works out of our clinic often to perform orthopedic procedures including ruptured ACL repair, luxating patella surgery, TPLO, TTA and fracture stabilization under general anesthesia on a referral basis. All patients receive advanced pain management which includes preoperative epidurals and regional block anesthesia, continuous rate infusion intravenous drips for perioperative pain control and fentanyl patches and meloxicam for postoperative pain management. 


One of the most common and valuable medical diagnostic tools is radiography or x-rays. X-rays are highly useful for screening areas of the body that have contrasting tissue densities or when evaluating solid tissues. Our hospital is equipped to perform routine radiology services to identify many types of illness or injury when pets are sick or suffer a trauma.

X-rays can be used to detect a variety of ailments including arthritis, tumors and lung abnormalities including pneumonia, bladder and kidney stones. They are also used to evaluate bone damage, organ integrity and identify foreign objects that may have been ingested. Dental radiographs will help to distinguish between healthy teeth and those that may need to be extracted, and identify any abnormalities beneath the gums including root damage, tumors, and abscesses.

Our veterinarians may recommend x-rays as a part of a diagnostic procedure if your pet is experiencing any health conditions or as a preventive measure in a routine senior wellness examination.

A doctor examining x-ray at Angeles Clinic For Animals in Port Angeles, Washington