Pet of the Month


1. Only photos of dogs, cats and pocket pets will be included in this contest. Please don’t put any text on the photos.

2. You may enter one pet each month. Owners will only be eligible for winning once yearly

3. To enter by Email: send a digitized (scanned or from a digital camera) photo of your dog or cat to [email protected]  Please send photo in a JPG format only. Email must contain the pets name and owners name on account. Please put “Pet of the Month” in the subject line of emails.

4. A photo release form must be signed and on file in your pets chart to enter, for photos taken in clinic. This  form is available at our front desk.  

5. Photographs showing that harm or cruelty was done to any pet to get this picture WILL NOT be considered at all.

6. Must include information about your pet and the photo. Email your information to [email protected]. For example: the pets’ name, age, breed, AND what your pet likes to do the most. Also tell us why your pet is so special.  See current photo winners for ideas on what kind of information to send. Your last name will not be displayed on our website. All photos must have information included about the pet, to be eligible. We encourage you to tag your photo on Facebook to get more “likes” to win.

7. Winners will be chosen on the first week of every month. The winner is chosen by the most “Likes” the photo receives on Facebook.

8. Winners will receive a $25 Credit to there account at Angeles Clinic for Animals.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All photos (digitized) become the property of Angeles Clinic for Animals, and that you are giving us permission to use your photographs for use in product advertisement and marketing purposes, at no cost to us.